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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My birthday

Thought of writing about this small day immediately the next day ....but some how managed to procrastinate. now today as the big day approached ...and its my baby's birthday finally sat down to write about my birthday fun.

For the past few years i had lost faith in my Birthday. Everyone waits for this day in their life every year so that they can enjoy the day to the fullest. But with me last few birthdays were the worst ever. It always used to be the day of atleast one bad news. So finally when 19th August approached my heart started waiting for this year's bad news.

But like they say when you start awaiting sorrows, that’s when happiness knocks at your door. The same thing happened with me. I was just wondering what bad could happen and suddenly every one surprised me. Dad had got my Favorite cake for me and we cut it exactly at 12 midnight. Except for two pieces, which my mom and dad had, I ate the whole cake ...Gosssh it was yummy ...Dutch Truffle from The Taj. I received maximum calls exactly at midnight from the people whom I had spent the least time of my life, the people whom we call friends. Kalputai,Nandu Mama Mrunal Mami and Pillu were the first to call ofcourse, followed by my friends Ameya, Shirish, Denzil, Ali, Neelubhaiyya. Just when I was on the verge of loosing complete faith in friendship was the time when all my friends called sharp at midnight just to wish me luck throughout my life. Ali even had the patience to hold the line while I was talking to someone else; they even had the patience to give number of attempts to just say “Many Happy Returns of the Day". The happiness lied not just in the wish, but it was a beautiful feeling to know that some people had the love and care enough for you to stay awake just to wish you on your birthday.

This was the day when I realized it is not the day that is great, but the people around you who make it important. Some of the people who seemed to be my blood relations missed to call saying that they were quiet busy, oh yeah you bet. Let’s not give them so much of importance. Yeah so where was I ? Yeah right, then chatted with some of my col friends till 3 a.m.. Arre haan yaar bolna hi bhool gayee, the day before this happened I was working on the template of my blog, thoda settings ka raada tha. And i was literally breaking my head on the Template code and simultaneously harassing two of my friends Denzii and Tarun to help me with the settings, but all in vain. And suddenly all my friends started reminding me of my birthday and so the template thing took a back seat. So when we finished talking, or you can say chatting, I started to work on the Template. Tarun and Denzii helped me with the Template and were successful in putting the Links in my blog but still my heart wanted it to be something different. So then I thought of trying my efforts. They promised me to complete the job as and when they find spare time. But, then I thought that why should I harrass people for my demands. And so then i sat down working on the Template, All By you know what I surprised myself, because finally at 5.00 a.m. in the morning I had successfully done what I needed in my Blog Template.BINGO!!!

So another good news on my birthday...that I was not all that useless. Anyway, so finally after a successful attempt, I finally slept at 5.30 a.m. And got up back at 7.30 a.m because of the birthday calls I was receiving, but then somehow later I couldnot manage with so less sleep so slept for another couple of hours or so. Then Mom woke me up for lunch. Mom had made my favourite fish.And that too different fish in all preparations. That was heaven. Then i got ready to leave as we friends were gonna meet for a small get together.

We all went to Marine Drive. It was raining heavily and we were getting drenched, but it was so amazing. I had to go for a Dinner party after this get together which was being arranged by my family, and getting wet was not a fair idea for that. But somehow I was not concerned. This day had arrrived after so many years, where I was able to do what my heart wanted and No one or No other thought could spoil its fun.Getting wet in the rains or running through the sprinklers are some of my passions, and I could not belive my luck that day. I was a little worried about the dinner because sitting in the AC with wet clothes ....WOW ...I cannot tolerate Bombay cold and this was gonna be challenging. But still deep inside my heart my Joy knew no bounds. I simply cannot try to put it in words (You may have realised it by now).But I am still not out of that spell.

Anyway, then we friends had a long chat about careers and a little about our other group friends whom we seriously missed. Then we walked back to the Churchgate station, from where I took a train for Thane via Dadar, taking some beautiful memories with me. Then as I reached the Restaurant, where our table was already booked with my two little brothers sitting to welcome me, I felt like a princess the way they welcomed me. Phir baaki sab aane lage They had got my favorite cake (yeah you are right 2nd cake of the day ....)

So then we had really Yummy Sizzlers ever ....better than the Kobe's, I must say. (woh alag baat hai ke I liked my brothers' sizzlers better than mine. Then we finished our cake as a dessert and then left for the day.Then nothing much to say...came home checked my mails for the day ...replied to all of them and the slept early that day as I was reaaalllly tired.

Moral of the story :- ha ha ha ....waiting from you guys yaar


Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Animals of Animal Kingdom

could not resist myself to copy paste this posting in my blog ....gosssh it is so amazingly done ....Hats off to Denzii ...every one is described so perfectly ....Sorry Denzi for churaoing this post from ur blog ...par kuch additions meine kar diye hai ...correct me if i m wrong. And yeah also changed the order as per i know these people ...sorry for that
waise FYI ,,,everything in red are my additions

Denzii wrote and i added:---

Who are WE??? And why do WE call ourselves the Animal Kingdom??? Well, "WE" comprises of all the names listed below. This Animal Kingdom also known as Kingdom Animalia consists of 15 endangered species. Each specie is one of a kind. Though all of them show different characteristics, they show a tendency to stay together. All of them can be found in groups. The most amazing fact about this kingdom is that there are no territory fights reported between them. Scientific studies have proved that each of the specie is very unique. Though there is less interaction of some species at the present but still they are in constant touch with each other. Some of the species still meet on weekends and have a great time. For more information on each of these species read the classification below. These species can be spotted anywhere in Mumbai or sometimes near any tourist spots in India. Read further to find more about them.

Note: All the information given is true to the best of our knowledge. We reserve all the rights for the information provided. Reproduction of this data by any means is strictly prohibited. Do so at your own risk.

Note: Seriously all qualify to be called animals some or the other sense ...I still doubt how do I manage to interact with many of them ....I mean I still cannot belive they tolerate me ....coz their MOST USED LINE (common to all) : "Yaar ladkiyon ka natak bahot rehta hai yaar."

GENUS: Deepika

AKA: Bhabhi (I hope you don't mind...) Waise bhi you should have a mind to mind

Likes to call herself as: Deeeeeeeepkia (Note: 8 'e's to be inserted between D and P), Kameeeeeeeeni (Note: 8 E's again)

MOST USED LINE: "Main tum ladko ke saath tiki hoon yeh kitni badi baat hai..."

TRAITS: Warm hearted, friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, enigma (Just added thse words to make her feel better) Now for the truth...Pesters you until her things get done... (Even my former manager was better...)Thodi si Senti aur poori Menti hai... hohohoDoston ki Dost Aur Dushmano ki Dushman.... ;-)

SPOTTED: Online 24/7 checking the Scrap Book.... Khud ka nahi re....

ACHIEVEMENTS: The last girl standing in the Animal Kingdom even though all are great Kameenas

Our vision after 10 years: Married to her DREAM MAN... (Should I name him... Should I name him not.... Ek Ladke ka Dil... I mean bahut se ladkon ka Dil Toot Jayega...... heheh)


GENUS: Shirish

AKA: Anna, Shetty

Likes to call himself as: Anna (except when Gals Call him that)

MOST USED LINE: Naansense, beautiful ladki ke liye kuch bhi., "tu hi re meri acchhhi dost hai"
TRAITS: Taang Khinchne mein Maahir Possesses a good sense of humor (Uses it to a very good effect)Changing jobs at will (Note for his managers: If you believe in loyalty, get a dog)Sabki Raaton ki Neend Haraam Karna (Many are still unaware of his 4:00 a.m. show)Doesn’t like to be formal or be respected (Does not believe in Izzat)Believes only in arranged Marriage (Gals… Sorry to disappoint you…)
and when gurls ask him ...says "depends" . Not a flirt but knows to impress girls well.

SPOTTED: Searching profiles on Orkut, aur usmein se time mila toh Shambavi(his favorite boss) ke liye clients dhoondte hue.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Orkut world ka betaaj baadshah aur kaafi ladkiyon ke dilon ka.

Our vision after 10 years: Inventor of a dating site called Annapanna.


GENUS: Ameya

AKA: Thakur, Manager

Likes to call himself as: Arjun Rampal (Do you remember the fashion show—Jaan Leva?)

MOST USED LINE: “Sorry Yaar…..” (In Amrikan accent) and Bhendi .Sweetie(Not applicable to guys)

TRAITS: Is the common link between the guys and gals (Mandwali Badshah)Believes in saying Sorry and ending all grudgesWas the unofficial stud of the college (Hope the gals agree…)King of Taang Dena- only for guys (Calls up at the last moment to say he is unavailable) The biggest Bol Bacchan ever. And when i say that to him, he will gracefully say "Abhi toh prove karna hi padega ke mein Bol bachhan nahi hoon(which unfortunately never happened till now)

SPOTTED: NY ke sadkon pe eyeing Firangi babes (Sorry Kandu) Aur agar galti se ghar par mila toh chatting with babes;)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Managed to solve the ‘misunderstandings’ between the guys and gals and winning the hearts of many gals (sorry Ali but thats the fact)

Our Vision After 10 Years: Author of the best selling book “Managing Gals made easy by Thakur” and probably finally getting married to a beautiful babe with another babe as his GF.So gals entries open ...two vacancies...but only real Babes apply.



AKA: Ambe, Mand Comps, Adopted by Telecom, Ambelal, Mango

Likes to call himself as: (Girls--- your suggestions are welcome) what else ....a flirt ...hamesha poochta rehta hai "m i nt a born flirt" (n trust me that he is)

MOST USED LINE: Doesn’t talk… Only sends multicast SMSes

TRAITS: Fond of Eating and Sleeping (Our group’s Kumbakaran) Gals here is a tip for you… The way to Tarun’s heart is through his stomach... (Hurry up gals…. Offer open till Tarun lasts) Loves driving cars (Be it Maruti 800 or Scorpio) Yet to drive Rehan’s Innova ;-)Loves any kind of friendship with gals… (I mean Phone, Chat, etc.) So, all you gals welcomeAlways ACTING busy with one thing or the anotherWas the unofficial Casanova of the college (I know all the gals will agree…)
A biggest flirt ever found ...i hav a reason to say this ...

SPOTTED: Mostly seen around with girls (Or should we say that girls are seen around him) here i give you the reason...."Aaj mein flirt karne ke mood mein nahi hoon" kehke ....yunhi baaton baaton mein flirt kar deta hai saala.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Gained 50 kilos in less than 3 months (and the act continues...) and the person who cancelled meeting his friends for the maximum times in the last two years

Our vision after 10 years: Sporting a mature gentleman look with a pot belly and still trying to figure out which girl he should marry…



AKA: Prod, Bawa, Nature Boy, Naik Naik and Kamzor Kali

Likes to call himself as: Devgan


TRAITS: The delicate darling of the group (Hence Kamzor Kali)Single handedly cut a 7 lever Godrej lock with a hack saw blade in just under 15 minutesRequires thorough ventilation for survival (Needs all the windows open at night)Stares at any girl with mouth wide open till she is out of sightDefines Babe as any object which even remotely looks like a girl (Even aunties qualify) koi bhi ladki dikhi nahi ke night shift karke aane ke baavajud uski band hoti aankhen and mooh khula ka khula rehta hai.

SPOTTED: Trying hard to decipher the coding language in Patni (Somebody please give him a welding job instead)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Inspite being from the Production field (who have never seen computers), managed to find an IT job for himself – Proved that Computers is very easy.

Our Vision After 10 Years: U-shaped Hacksaw Blade Baron and a big name in the market for inventing the U-Shaped Hacksaw blades for unlocking the computer ...seriously.


GENUS: Denzil

AKA: Denzi, Pao

Likes to call himself as: Devil, Roberto Pawlo

MOST USED LINE: “Chalega...” "nahi yaar"

TRAITS: “Chehre pe mat jaao..Apni aakal lagaao”. Looks innocent but far from being so.Got those mischievous look in his eyes… (Gals say so…)Always up to something… got an answer to every damn question…always a funny one… taking tips from his guru the great Anna for impressing gals ....especially the gal he has a crush on.

SPOTTED: Working HARD in Accenture ...
oh i am sorry actually it is harldly Working in Accenture and eyeing babes in accenture(do i name her denzii)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Cleared Mechanics I and II in 5 attempts each (Now…. Isn’t that a great achievement?)
oh sure it is i have not done it so far.

Our vision after 10 years: Making sine waves in the Telecommunication World and finally able to impress the gal he likes .



AKA: Kandu, Kandu and Kandu

Likes to call himself as: Arun (To keep himself reminding of his REAL name)

MOST USED LINE: “Mera naya joke suno…”

TRAITS: Inventor of the worst Bakwaas suicidal PJsHost of many get togethers at his infamous "Hotel Kandu International"Cannot resist the sight of water. Strips down to minimum when he sights the beach.Insists on listening to interesting stories at nightWorks out with bricks and stones if no gym is unavailableHis spiky hair which is erect in the morning start drooping by the time the sun sets making him prone to asking Baburao type questionsAlways lies to his Appa when going out on a trip (Alibaug and Goa included). Instead gives the most Ghatiya reasons like I am going on a college trip Cannot take any crap about his very good and dear friend Thakur and then when you ask him hows ur hubby(thakur)...toh kahega ..."hey hey i am the hubby",

SPOTTED: Playing imaginary soccer matches on Sunday. This specie will soon be spotted in NY from Monday with his Pati Parmeshwar Thakur. itna pati vrata hai ke thakur ke b'day se pehle sahab wahan pohoch gaye bhi ...isse kehte hai sacchha pyaar

ACHIEVEMENTS: Undisputed champ of Bakwaas PJs

Our vision after 10 years: Still trying to convince people to hear his PJS



AKA: Salli, Bulli, Chulbulli and rarely Sheikh Chilli

Likes to call himself as: John Abraham

MOST USED LINE: “Vikhroli Gaon nahi hai” "sachhi yaar _____ kya masttt lag rahi hai tu aaj" (fill in the blank with any girls name)

TRAITS: Slender and heighted like a Bamboo Likes to enquire about others girl friendsEager to switch his current job but scared of his mentor Mr. GalaLikes to take Panga with Rehan (only when he is not around) Uske saamne Bolti BandhMaster in changing topics and a good actor of "THINKER"Inventor of a new language which starts with S... Saddi, Sasma, SeskyFragile and delicate body (Please handle with care) Official Bakra of the groupLikes to brag in company of girls (For more info contact Manager) Sweet talker when he wants any info about a girl Remembers any girl's Birthday except mine.... do i name her Ali (i mean mein kitni KAMINI hoon woh dikhoun)....Ab I have to prove what u said abt me ...Ali's ...M_a_i_i ?

SPOTTED : Vikhroli ki Galiyon mein and Mulund ki Waadiyon mein

ACHIEVEMENTS: Still survives after being tormented and subjected to third degree torture from the group.

Our Vision After 10 Years: Still trying to figure out how did Thakur the Manager impress so many girls


GENUS: Rehan

AKA: Jaanwar, Ravaan

Likes to call himself as: Salman

MOST USED LINE: “Teri maa ki…”

TRAITS: A strong believer of ‘Action speaks louder than Words’ (Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante)This belief gets stronger when it comes to Ali.Always gets his work done…by gaali or by AliIs the official Poongi Bajaoer of the group (Holds the Group Record for the most Poongis of Ali) and most gaalis ever found on this earth in his small conversation of say ...1 min ...(bahot ho gaya ek min galiyon ke bhandaar ke liye)

SPOTTED: Near Bandstand or anywhere near Reclamation (Note: Can also be seen in places where there is utter chaos)


Our vision after 10 years: Hired by an international call center to collect dues from defaulters (Can use his uncensored language)



AKA: Gassey, Professor

Likes to call himself as: Dexter

MOST USED LINE: “Linux yeah hai….. Linux woh hai” (Our question: “Tu Kaun Hai???”)

TRAITS: Most hyperactiveAt the center of all plansPossesses the capability of bombarding the surroundings at will (Demo seen in Goa)Extremely loyal to any brand that he usesLikes to talk technical stuff (which goes over our head)Likes to hate Bill Gates and all his inventionsEngaging people in childish activitiesImmensely talented and has the potential to confuse the best of the scholars or IITians around (NASA please note) Dare i say something about him ...saala mera poora code hi change kar dega ...oh he can do that.

SPOTTED: Teaching Linux to people older than him

ACHIEVEMENTS: Has won every technical debate till date (Undisputed champ)

Our vision after 10 years: Inventor of a new Operating System which wont be user-friendly at all


GENUS: Naveen

AKA: Navandi (derived from Suppandi), Connecting & Builder

Likes to call himself as: Builder

MOST USED LINE: “I’m the man of the moment”

TRAITS: Please give him some time to connect before u expect an answer from him...Loves to see himself in every picture clickedLoves admiring his body in front of the mirror for hoursIs the only fitness freak in the group…Has very good biceps and is currently working on 6 pack abs… girls who meet him for the first time think he is so SHY ....gawwwwwd even i thought so ....but now

SPOTTED: Doing his second set of crunches in his gym

ACHIEVEMENTS: Gals would answer this one better.

Our vision after 10 years: Having a ‘V’ shaped body with 6 pack abs and 21” biceps (Most likely within a year)


GENUS: Prashant

AKA: Officer, Public,Tambi

Likes to call himself as: Uncle

MOST USED LINE: “Chal be.....”

TRAITS: Has this uncanny knack of uttering the most pakao PJ’s at the wrong time (When gals are around)Tries to be the best photographer around (He seriously needs training in photography)Loses his senses upon sighting a gal (Now with guys all around him in the army… God forbid kya hoga???)Has driven the car on footpaths and dividers without killing any pedestrians (An immensely talented Night Driver) – Salman are you listening???Can do anythin or say anything for impressing a gal...

SPOTTED: Undergoing training at the Army Camp in Delhi

ACHIEVEMENTS: Proved physically fit by the Indian Army even with his knee cap, appendix, irregular heart beat and lower back problem

Our vision after 10 years: Sporting a thick mustache with 12 medals on his chest and starting his each and every sentence with… “In 2007, when I was in the Indian Army…”



AKA: Sardar… Only Sardar and sometimes Bobby (Deol not Darling) *wink*

Likes to call himself as: Wasim Akram

MOST USED LINE: Hahahahahah (Doesn’t talk… Only laughs)

TRAITS: Believes in childish activities like pushing and running (Lately escaped public dhulai when he collided into an aunty while doing so)Goes on a rampage if someone talks aisa waisa about his hmmm… Girl Friend ...hmmm

SPOTTED: Driving his OMNI and evading cattle in the villages of Khar

ACHIEVEMENTS: NIL (If he succeeds in behaving like a grown up that will be an achievement in itself).

Our vision after 10 years: Married (love or arranged can’t say) to some girl and pushing his kids and running around the house


GENUS: Parag

AKA: Ambani, Parya, Bharat Shah

Likes to call himself as: Software Developer

MOST USED LINE: “Bahar Jaana Hai Yaar…”

TRAITS: Ali ki Maarna… (Doesn’t everyone just love doing this???)Possessive about his hair (Closes all the windows of the train when traveling to avoid messing his hair by the wind)Always seen in designer clothes even if he is going for some classesLoves Mulund more than his motherlandIs a very Safe driver even on the tough Mumbai streets. Follows Traffic Rules to the T.

SPOTTED: Attending some software classes or a meeting

ACHIEVEMENTS: Overtook a BEST bus in his Maruti 800 cramped with 7 people on the way to Juhu

Our vision after 10 years: Owning the 51% stakes of Reliance and posing for the camera like the late Mr. Dhirubhai with his chin under his fingers


GENUS: Sanjeet

AKA: Bhaiya and Woh (From Pati Patni and Woh fame)

Likes to call himself as: --- (He doesn't get the chance to call himself anything. We just don't let him speak) MOST USED LINE: “Bolna…”

TRAITS: Suffers from blushes when one stares at himHas recently taking a liking to trendy T-shirts and Jeans SPOTTED: On Kandivali platform No. 1

ACHIEVEMENTS: Yet to snatch the Patni status from Kandu (Pata nahi.. Thakur iss praani se kab impress hoga??? – Thakurji kuch kar yaar iska)

Our vision after 10 years: Married (Happily or unhappily) to a gal of his Guruji’s (fathers’) choice with 1 dozen Junior Sanjeetwas (most likely by the end of next year... not children.. atleast the marriage)



AKA: Glen baba

Likes to call himself as: Shiamak

MOST USED LINE: “I still love her”

TRAITS: Spending hours on the phone telling his love storyAdding others Orkut friends (read girls) to his friends list by telling them – I am Denzil’s friend. Gals be carefulProclaims to each and everyone that he loves only one girl (Won't name her though...)

SPOTTED: Gyrating to Ganesh Hegde’s moves in Shiamak’s dance classes

ACHIEVEMENTS: Managed to impress his Office Crowd with his Hrithik moves in an Office Festival

Our vision after 10 years: Choreographing a Bollywood song for Hrithik or Govinda with all those jhatka matkas and aada teda moves


GENUS: Abhijit

AKA: Good Boy, Shahrukh

Likes to call himself as: Ssssharukh

MOST USED LINE: “Abbe aye…”

TRAITS: Only calls up for any computer related issues (I and Anna are his trouble shooting engineers)Impresses gals with his blue eyes

SPOTTED: In Yahoo Chat Rooms flirting away to glory

ACHIEVEMENTS: Hmmm... I am thinking...

Our Vision After 10 Years: Acting in a film as a duplicate of Sssharukh Khan ==><=====><=======><=======><=====><=======>


AKA: Jhurani, Jumanji

Likes to call himself as: ----

MOST USED LINE: “Bus kya yaar…”

TRAITS: Receding hairline and exceeding paunch (Beer belly) makes him a balanced gentleman Believes in ordering something different from the group (Learnt a lesson doing so)Fond of Aloos (Potatoes in any form)Smuggled a pressure cooker full of Pappads to New Zealand

SPOTTED: NA (This specie was last seen at the Mumbai International Airport last year when he was flying to New Zealand)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Undisputed champion of ‘Mind Games’

Our vision after 10 years: Married to the most beautiful girl in New Zealand


GENUS: Cedric

AKA: Shatru, shot Gun

Likes to call himself as: Gillespie


TRAITS: Doesn’t like to share his chewing gums unless you are his really close friendRarely seen without a capHonest guy who doesn't like to cheat (Yeh baat alag hai... once he gave his full semester on chits) but the next semester... he cleared 12 papers in one go without any help (Ab toh Khush mere bhai??)

SPOTTED: Chewing gum with a cap on his head

ACHIEVEMENTS: Holds the distinction of carrying the most number of chits (142) in the engineering examination hall complete with index and page number for each chit

Our vision after 10 years: Honored by Wrigleys Chewing gum for eating its 1,0000000000th gum



AKA: Pakya

Likes to call himself as: Johnny Bravo, Playboy

Most used line: “Haan Kya?”

TRAITS: Has immense talent in impressing gals over the phone (Also tried other communication methods like messenger but was unsuccessful)Is the undisputed GURU of Mumbaiya (Punter) language {Tapri, naka, gacchhi, chito chat and the long list continues……..}Invents best one-liners you can ever come acrossSummons waiters by clapping his hands like the good old NawabsKnows no area outside Dombivli And a Big time Zoller.

SPOTTED: Wearing the Skeleton Tantra T-Shirts at tapris or nakas of Dombivli

ACHIEVEMENTS: He has done it all… seen it all…

Our vision after 10 years: Happily married to an only daughter of a rich businessman



AKA: Gala

Likes to call himself as: Gala

MOST USED LINE: “Paise ka mat soch…” (Even though he does)

TRAITS: Believes in Money is everything (Sold Old College Files right from the College Labs and then sold off the inside papers to the Raddiwala)Gutsy guy who takes all the risks for a friend (Anna would agree)Cannot express himself when in excited stateCan't resist gals in any form (Poora Ladkiyon ka Deewana)

SPOTTED: Practicing his management skills in Ahmedabad

ACHIEVEMENTS: Managed to impress a gal in 2 days flat (Can’t give away the details)

Our vision after 10 years: Ahmedabad ki logon ki seva karnewala Chief Minister

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Love Makes you take people for Granted?

Some one once said to me ...."you know what deepika ...I generally start taking people close to me, for granted."

I felt that Quote to non-convincing...there was something missing …..coz if I know love well I know one thing for sure when you love someone you cannot take things for granted ….coz love makes you to give more into the relationship than what you expect in return …. Then what is that makes you take people for granted?.....aah aah I got the answer ….it is when you are loved by a person and you are aware of it ….. it makes you feel you are gr8 n now you no longer need to take pains to keep this person tied to yourself and your life.

So its when you are loved n you don’t love that person enough .. is when you start taking things for granted with that person….but then all of us make this blunder hell lot of times with our closed ones .. while we are busy hunting people down to add them in our friend list ….trying to impress them and make them fall in love with us …… and once you get them on your FAN list ….there you go back in the vast jungle of people ….. ready for a new hunt ….hmmmmmmm

And then suddenly things start changing …. Luck no longer favors you ….you start becoming helpless in your life ….u start losing control of the things that you once boasted upon…..tragedies seem to be the part of your everyday life things suddenly start shattering in front of your eyes you begin to collapse with no one that you trusted seem to be around ….naa naa …you r getting me all wrong … its not the old age I m talking of …. It’s the beginning of a new phase in your life ….THE BAD PHASE …. The phase in which you r most vulnerable to the slightest hurt from your so called closed ones …coz life has been playing enough games to keep your heart in pain….the phase in which your minimum expectation is plain support of your loved ones ….. the phase in which you realize the importance of silent and invisible love in your life ….the phase that teaches you humility ….the phase that makes you realize the presence of THE SUPREME POWER ….the phase that brings out the Human Being hidden behind the Animal in you.

There you really start meeting the true and genuine people in your life … the “closed ones” who were always taken for granted by you are the only ones who believe in you …no matter what …. And all those --- your special friends and the fascinating world seem to blame you for every thing that has been wrong in your own life ….. funny isn’t it …yeah right this is when you start realizing the value of true, eternal love, the love that never expects anything in return …. Love that seeks happiness in your smiles …love that breaks down on a single tear in your eyes …. Love that lives just to make you happy …… and now its your turn ….to give them back everything that they were showering on you without your awareness ….u start learning the fun in loving people ….rather than impressing them and making them fall in love with you …you start realizing that happiness can be created within yourself rather than chasing it … get the biggest blessing of God “the ability to love people without any expectation”….the biggest virtue of mankind ….

So I just want to bring awareness in our minds ….that if you feel you have been taking someone in your life for granted ….. you have not being true to yourself …you have not loved that person enough…. .moreover you have not loved that person at all…..its high time now that you take things in your hand and realize the worth of true closed ones in your life ….and all before mother nature starts playing her games …..actually now i get the catch of the first statement i wrote ....he was not taking his loved ones for granted ....he was taking the people who loved him for granted ....hmmm

And just an honest confession from my side ….. I LOVE YOU ALL A LOT …


My Life's journal

Today while I was walking down the street, all by myself , n was reading the pages of my life’s Journal, each n every entry was inscribed on the memory list....I observed that each day was a new, fresh and a different entry ...but still the years seemed to be the same ...why so much Irony in life ....where did I go wrong .....or was it just plain destiny playing games .....whatever it was ...whose fault was it any way...I knew one thing that I dare not ask "Why Me "...coz I m not too sure if I have been so good all my life .....but I desperately feel....Why so many years ....why did it not End .... Gosh ...I sure know that I haven’t been that bad after all...
Suddenly I realized that all through the beginning years of my life I had the "masti" ...of me doing things ....when God was showering his blessings ...I was enjoying the waves of the SEA OF PRIDE that "Deepika can do no wrong"..."if I want I will do it"..."there is nothing called as luck"....every word and belief in my life had the stink of Ego n false Pride ....yeah true that I wasn’t treating people around me that bad..but then I wasn’t even treating my life that fine as well ...I had to realize that He, the All Mighty was giving me all that I deserved for my good deeds .....He tried every way to wake me up and let go off my pride ....but no I dint have the smartness required to grab the opportunity of learning it in a sweet He had to play His games and make me learn ....make me realize the worth of people around me ....the worth of the silent love of my Mom, Dad, Kalputai, Nandumama, my brothers,...the worth of Invisible presence of Pratap Mama, Kiron Mami,....the worth of Every thing in my life which was "Just Perfect"….hmmm …there I go answering my own Questions …yet creating a space in them….
Today when I can see the difference between the things I can do and the things God can …I suddenly realize that I cannot do anything without his consent ….the silent message that runs through His unanswered prayers…
But then one thing still bothers me. Why so many years …. The most non-convincing answers that I get from people around me are “you have not seen life as yet, it happens to every body dear”, or “you don’t know how worse it can get(WOW…THAT IS ONE PIECE OF ADVICE THAT I WAS WAITING TO HEAR AND NOW I AM SO FULL OF ENTHUSIASM….maybe to face the, or may be “you have not seen --many people have hell lot of bigger problems than this(tell me about it …may be I am blind coz I see a lot of happy teenagers around me)”….oh oh but the funniest one that leaves me dumb struck is …..”its all a result of your past karmas(what karmas are you talking about …..if I have been so bad in my last birth then why did I take birth in the most loving and ideal supportive family….)…..and there it goes ….the spaces in my answered Questions.
Recently my Mom asked me a beautiful Question….she said “what is bothering you so much, deepu…we all are here for you”, and then I realized that the failures of my life did not bother me that much ….what bothers me the most right now is the HELPLESSNESS that cripples me ….that says things are not in my control….the helplessness & disability of not being able to do something for my family ….the helplessness & disability of being dependant on Mom n Dad, its not Ego that hurts any more …it is the sense of duty that bothers me now …..
I don’t know how far am I going to pull my life like this …but I am damn sure of one thing that disability of any kind …may it be of the body or of the mind …. Stabs your heart much more deeper than the wounds of an hurt Ego….
hmmmmmmm....when things go wrong ....going through each day seems to be an eternity but still when you look back ....7 years just faded away.....