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Friday, January 26, 2007

Life in One Month

It is almost a month since 2007 started, and loonnnnng time since i have touched my blog. But today got some time and even heart poured out some words. It was a funny New Year. I started my new year on !st of january with a total new begining at the Ajinkya Consultancy, a small firm who handled recruitment for Prestijious companies. But the mental frame of the main person Mr Jaideep always was conservative!!!

I had started writing a post when I returned back from the office on 1st Jan, but then I was so depressed that I literally couldnot put my feelings in words, although I had a lot of time. In a week that I worked for Ajinkya, I realised this was a real small world and I never want to be a part of this.

Here in this small firm even the so-called CEO (that was his ON-PAPER designation... lol), used to sit around the other employee's table, continuously chatting and laughing. The reason to do so was they were handling the tough profiles and so they needed to be discussed ....QUIET non convincing reason!!! Anyway, they had started side tracking two of us, which was so damn cheap yaar. I mean in an office behave professionally.

Let us forget about it!! I was totally bugged of with this job, when suddenly there was this mail that was looking for an HR person who has handled recruitment for some time by now. I applied for the same and even got selected!! It was quiet unexpected as the HR job was for a corporate and I donot even have a Graduation Degree. But God is grrrrrrrreat. Now I believe it so strongly. This was the interview for Veekay.

I was very clear about my degree, and still they were kind enough to recruit me into their upcoming organisation. Although the last whole week I have been tryin to prove that they have not taken a wrong decision, I will now prove that I am worth more than I have imagined myself to be. For the first 20 days in Ajinkya I did nothing but trying to "manage" our time by sharing a computer. Trust me its tougher than managing a company.It is the most sad thing you can do in an office, shortage of resources.

Anyway, in VeeKay I could manage to do lot of work effortlessly. Because I owned the place, I owned the right to take decisions. People had the trust that I could manage the show, and nothing works better than someone's trust in you.

I saw my life change from worst to amazing in 20 days, just one decision and in a jiffy my life was totally different !!!!!


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