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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nupla Baal called her Poopa Pachi ..hehe

Hey today was such a beautiful day ...First time ever did Nupur called me by ma name. When kalputai called us today morning, nupla baal spoke to me and said "tu kashi aahe poopa pachi " and then when asked to repeat she said "tu kashi aahes deepu pachi "(in a total Donald Duck voice hehe ) ooooooooooh that was choooooo cweet. Those few words washed away all the pains in my life!!!!!

You know what it felt like God kept His hand on my heart. It felt like heaven. I am sure none of us has seen how the most spoken about subject ...THE GOD looks like! But I can assure you one thing if you want to know how far can a God go to fulfil the demands of his loved ones you should see the love of our parents, and if you want to experience the innocence of God, take care of a child for a month!

And I can say I am one of those lucky ones who have experienced the both. Any way coming back to my baby, she then said all those things that she has started speaking, ofcourse on the promptings from Kalputai. Hey the funniest one is that she says "acetone" to ask for an ice-cream cone..lolzz. Then kalputai asked her "tujya aaicha naav kaay"...her immediate response was "kapilaaaa" and when asked "tujhya Pa cha naav kaay?" ...she said " manesh"... oooohhh that was cho chweeeeet I can give up on any thing for her words, mannnn.

Anyway, eventually me and Kalputai had a long chat and then we hung up.

But have had the best day ever !!!!



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