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Thursday, September 14, 2006

When You Trust The Wrong Person....

It is 01.00 hrs and I am writing this post. The funniest part was that I had logged out of my blogging account and suddenly someone signed in into yahoo messenger and that made me ignore my procrastination and write this post.

I know its all confusing. You know recently one of my friend had put on a status message that said "It is just that when I find the Key to success that some one changes the Lock",...I found this Quote a little funny but still a Fact that we deny to accept when we are successful. Any way lets not get into that, the reason why I thought of this Quote was that I recently had a similar experience but with a different context. To Re-Quote it with my experience it goes as "It is just that when I start feeling i can trust people all over again , Some one comes and shatters my trust."

There is this friend of mine whom I never trusted from the begining since we have met. The major reason behind that was that my Mom and my Sissie dear never liked him. So it was kindda easy to not trust him. But sometimes your heart gets carried away with sweet talks , even though deep inside your heart or you may say your brain keeps on reminding you that he is not the right person whom you can rely on.

My childhood has been the most amazing experience of my life. There have been the most positive and lovable experiences throughout my childhood. But for the last 6 to 7 years i have been surrounded by hell lot of negative people. I have ran through their jealousies, anger, hate, sadist behaviours ....and many more which I dont even remember. Why just the last 7 years, the lousiest thing in my life was that I was the best friend of the most negative gal I have ever seen. Anyway lets not talk about it either.

Negativities do not affect you till you are successful. They start bothering you when you are losing something in life, or may be everything in life. That is when you are vulnerable to the slightest hurt. It is then that you start realising the pain of some one betraying you.

Coming back to the topic, let me explain why some one signing in on messenger inspired me to write this post. This friend of mine and me used to chat a lot these days. We used to have a strange comfort level, and I could sense that from him to. I literaly used to miss him if we did not chat for more than two days. It was not his looking good or his charm that bowls gals which was bringing him closer to me each was the sharing of thoughts that got me closer to him. I never looked for any kind of relationship with him, but pure intellectual and emotional support. But I guess I trusted the wrong person this time as well.

Suddenly he started behaving weird as in there was some kind of stress when we spoke. He always denied the fact that he is behaving weird...but he was.
First I thought it was my mistake because I used to talk to one of his Best friends and there was something i said about this guy to his best friend which might be interpreted in the wrong never know. And so i tried my level best to communicate and kept on asking if he was mad at me, which he denied.

I was disturbed .... I did not want any kind of misunderstanding to spoil our friendship. So I tried communicating it over the chats but somehow the problem did not get solved. It was kindda getting worse. So then I took the Initiative and spoke to him personally. But even this was misunderstood. It increased his confidence.

But this time his misunderstanding proved out to be favourable for me. Not that the communication gap between us was not solved. It sure was!!!!!!! It brought him back to the old comfort level with me, but still there was some difference which i was not able to apprehend. But yesterday's chat with him came like an answer to all my Questions!!!!!

We were casually speaking about things that were taking place in our respective lives. He started telling me about his new crush. We were discussing about it and then something popped up about our friendship, and as an answer he said something that No Gurl would....gossssssshhhhhhhhhhh those words were like ...if there was any one else other than him I surely would have slapped the person then and there. He took it all wrong. I was just trying to save our friendship, nothing more. He was never my type of guy.

Anyway, but it was good that he said that to me that day. because how else would I know the kind of attitude he holds towards me, or for that reason any gurl. I failed to understand him, he was not just "Not My Types"...but he was "Not Fit To Be A Husband Types" . I realised that he is those type of guys who can never respect women. No, No dont get me wrong, I am not starting all the women liberation talks. Just that did not like his attitude towards gals.