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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Journey from 2008 to 2009

It has been hell lot of time since I have touched this page. I had to clear the cob-webs on the page before I could start writing ..lolzz

It has been an hectic 2008, but a fun-filled one as well. It did not start as exciting as it ended... or should say, as exciting as the journey through it. It started in March when I joined UHCi on 13th March 2008 and since then have enjoyed every moment of my life, till January 2009. The Gold Medal in UHCI cricket tournament, the Oscar for the Best Solo dancer during the
Oscar Theme-Annual Bash, some of the loviliest friends like Anupa, Ninad, Snehalesh, Ashish, Sagar, Partha, Shefali, Yuvraj, Vaishali... who helped me not to lose faith in friendships... and many more treasurable moments of fights and caring in UHCi which made me fall in love with the place and the organization.

And then came Jan 2009...January 2009... hmm ... That was the time that came to me as "blow your ass off" period. It all came together. My boss was turning into a 'Typical Stereo Type' one.. Actually she was always like that, just that I failed to notice her cruel side which was extra sugar coated in the "I care for you" and "I really want to help you grow"
Marshmallows. And then when she could not manage her own stuff, she started putting the total blame on me and started taking off the sugarcoats only to make me realize there were no Marshmallows underneath, just the bitter medicine that a wrong doctor prescribed and were no good to me and only added up to the side effects they always carry.

Let me take you a little back in time. It was November 2008, when Kalputai
and Mahesh landed in Mumbai with her a month n Half baby boy Ahaan, the smart 4 year old Nupur. It was beautiful as we met after almost 4 years. Things were a little vulnerable then. I had to balance things and time between my family and job. It was not as simple as it seems, because kids and babies have their own "timetable" which just doesn't match with ours, at any instance. My sleeping hours had started going haywire. But still, it was quite fine till January 2009 when my sister along with the two kids had come to our place for a four month stay. As AWESOME as it was, it had its own cons. But to that... sometime later.

Anyways it started ... as it should .. beautifully. But eventually as if the whole world was conspiring against me, the work load at the office also began to increase substantially(which later on, I realized was not the world conspiring against me, it was just the my insecure Boss). She thought it was the best time she could load me with work which due to family commitments I could not complete, and eventually she will make it look like "performance issues". But she failed, as I started staying late, post office hours and finish the maximum possible jobs in a day. Not so important as to how bad she was, just that it was really bad at the work front and there were two little angels waiting back at home one with a "Deepu Paachi" and other with an "da da da da " when they saw me ... in most excited form you can ever imagine the kids to say when they see you after a long time!!!!!

And with all this too tangled up in my life there was someone more to make me emotionally vulnerable. Anyways that is not so important to waste even a line on. Still my life was nothing more exciting than a Roller coaster ride. One moment the adrenaline just rushed to its peak and the next moment it killed me with depression. With this kind of mixed emotions, I finally decided to quit my job by the end of January 2009, at least so that I could give my whole time to the real Happiness... the two little honey buns at home and also spend some quality time with my parents and Kalputai. But then Kalputai somehow talked me into keeping up the job. She had a logical explanation to it. She thought I was getting kind of emotional in making this decision... and that I would actually need this job somewhere in future when the kids and Kalputai would return back to their hometown and I would feel the emptiness if I was sitting idle at home. So I continued .. and just when Kalputai left for Canada, my "so much caring" boss talked me into a Resignation, in her interest. And everything just collapsed. I mean, the reason that could not allow me to spend time with my kiddos, was taken away from me, just when I needed it the most. The emptiness at this moment was HUMONGOUS. It was like she was waiting for the 'right time' to kick me off... and all either because she wanted to save her job, or she her sheer insecurity and jealousy.
Whichever is true, both reasons suck. The woman who could (by her manipulations), get her 3 Appraisals done in one year(each time 30%), tells me that the company is not doing well and so the appraisals could not go well with me (3% in the whole year!!!!) The major reason, now I realize was that she had submitted my review really bad, to show how much hard work she does, she had always exhibited my work as her work, especially in Recruitment (which she handled only 5% since she started supporting ER)!!! She will pay for it some day.. but today it Kills me !!!

2009, the most beautifully started year, that just did not keep its initial attraction going!! Coming back to the four months when the kids were at home, the pros are obvious.. the beauty of having a child home is indescribable in words... but the cons yep u can list them... they sleep and wake up at their own timings, they love to play karate and fights just when it the "perfect" time to go to sleep. midnight 00.00 hrs.. and of course that they feel left out if you explain them the time constraints... The innocent face that can get you into the most disastrous situations with no regrets is the beauty of a child at home... and I had two of them .... AWESOME

And my Bad luck that I had to tolerate some of the most Awful faces in the office, just like the world conspiring against me, all in my damn Department!!! Finally to give up with both at the same time and leaves me with a lott of unanswered questions.

Today, I am here with nothing to lose, most friendships suck and "Do not Trust Anyone" concepts, and to add up the Icing ...Guys, most of them fake it when they say "I love you and I would be there for you when you need me" belief.

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