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Monday, January 01, 2007

kalputai nuppa la gheun 1st tym bachha 2mnths chi astaana aali hoti ......she was here 4 arnd #4 mnths ...outta wch 2mnths bth of thm wer at our place ....tya 2 mnths madhe nuppa baal was totally undr ma care takin ......kalputai madhe madhe yeun fakt nuppa la aathavan karun dyachi ..."nuplya me tujhi MA haan ....hi tujhi paachi ...cananda la aapan sobat asnaar ...paachi nasnaar" ...lolzzzthat tch remained in her heart i guess

for 2 mnths I was her mothr ...pillu uthla ki me uthaychi ...ti zopli ki me zopaaychi ...ti mazya javalach zopaychi ...kalputai dusrya room madhe zopaychi ...coz tune khup traas kadhle hote ..due to pregnancy madhe konich motha sobat naslya mule i wantd her to relax for 2 mnths ....n best part was SHE TRUSTED ME WITH HER BABY ...

thn she went back whn baby was 6 mnths.....n u knw wat i nvr thot she wud remembr me ...coz she was a baby whn i took care of her ...n babies r supposed 2 hav short term memory wat i thot thn last yr whn she was 1n 1/2 yrs old ....pillu n mahesh da (her dad) aale hote India la ...kalputai cudnt make it coz of job ...n bacchhha mahesh da kadhe chaan rahte it was feasible enuf

airport la whn v went to receive her ....she was givin evry1 a stern look as if .."kon tumhi" ......hehe e1 mala hi tasach paahila tine at 1st i dint wrry her mch in 5 mins ...haluch he baal aala javal n premane bot pakadla ...gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd it was heaven ....

n aftr dat ...she alwazz needed 2 ppl 4 security and /or mahesh da ....nantar vedu aamcha saglyan shi khelaycha sakaali maza chehra baghitlya shivaay naahi ti kona kade jaanar n for 20 dazz she was at our place w/o mahesh da arnd ...n i was der again 4 her ...

n one day she was playin with all these cousins of mine ...mast challa hota i told dem me patkan aanghol karun yete ...i went t4 a bath ...she some hw din see me arnd mhanoon ...savri baavri gharat firu laagli radat i jst cald her 4m inside the bathroom nuppa aahe ga dat she cud pacify vedi ...dara kade yeun ji oksa bojkshi radu laagli ardhi mele re ....I WAS KILLED baaher aale tar je te veda baal yeun gacchha mithi maarli aahe naa ..saala ...ayushyat DEV bhetla re ....

n abt bein attached to her ....nopes I am NOT ....I just love her n attachment contradict ech oder

n abt me bein her mom .....i dunno If i m a mom to her yeah she wil always b ma 1st child ...

attachment need physical presence of that person to make u feel good jst brings smiles n tears with the thot of that person ....u feel HAppy jst to knw some1 else is makin that person happy enuf ....u need not b thr


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