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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Trek At Rajmachi

Me and Shirish trying to call others as Tarun captures the scene on his Cam

Had the most beautiful day on saturday the 02nd of december 2006. We were planning to meet up this weekend and on friday night during the conference call we all decided to make it to a trek at Rajmachi.

On saturday we all were supposed to meet at thane station. I stood in the ticket line to take the tickets for all of us for the Intercity which has its scheduled arrival sharp at 7.17a.m. at Thane station. But as usual we did not take that train. WHY??????? Come On, you should not be asking this Question is so predictable, some of us were not on time ...oh no it was not Shirish this time ...lolzzz...jokes apart but Tarun, Denzil and Amit ...the Mira road team was late. So we then took the later train "The Koyna Express" at 7.50 a.m.

Five Of Us Posing At The Khandala Station as Denzil Takes Our Pic

This was the first time ever that I travelled in the General compartment. Initially I was a little sceptical, but it was not that bad after all. May be just because I was enjoying the company of my friends it did not make a difference as to how I was travelling. You wont even belive me if I tell you that during the whole travel from thane to Khandala, I did not listen to any music ...certainly unexpected of me!!! The whole trip ali was sitting a little away from all of us, but still shirish was all set to pull his legs..lolzzzz

Amit Trying To Defend Himself As Tarun Supprots Him And Shirish Pulls His Leg !!

I had hardly slept for 1 hr the whole night yesterday, so was feeling a little sleepy initially but then these people are brats,especially when Shirish is around noone can dare to take this risk ...lolzzz I did not dare to sleep!!! Anyway, then we got down at the Khandala station. Oh yeah how could I forget during the complete travel we were receving the calls from atul, who as usual missed the train that we took and now somehow he wanted to join us at any cost. So we asked him to meet us directly at Rajmachi.

He he Nopes, They Are Not Smoking ...Its The Lollipop ...

We all started to walk towards Rajmachi. On our way we bought some stuff to eat. And yeah also a LOLLIPOP for each one of us ...hehe. We reached the Rajmachi Ghat pretty soon but did not feel like any trek ....was a plain road.But we were enjoying throughout. As usual Shirish's favorite and all time target was Ali ...lolzzz gawwwd you try to say something to Ali and Shirish very well alters it to his convinience and pulls Ali's legs. He can embarass anyone like hell, seriously !!! But its fun. And yeah forgot to tell you guys, Amit was continuously speaking the Kabul Language..something like ..."Tum kyon chinta karti, hum do kabile mein sulaa karati ..n stuff ..lolzzz.

Ooooooh That's Really Steeep, Isn't It !!! Shirish Is Trying to Study The Depth I Guess..lolzzz

Then later we discovered a narrow lane going towards the jungle part of Rajmachi. So we took that route to head towards the the so called fort that we could see from the main road. But the road led us to many diversions and each diversion took us to a dead end each time.

But then finally one of the diversions led us to the Railway tracks, which had our destination way towards the hill on the other side of the tracks (and though these people might not give me the credit but this was the diversion which I insisted to take as all of them were saying that it would also lead us to a dead end). We somehow climbed up the way through the hill and reached a place which had a huge rock, stone , whatever you wanna call it . But it sure was not a Fort. But then the whole idea was the trek, not the destination, so it was fine. Then we sat their for some 20-25 mins and had to climb down pretty soon as Atul had finally reached Rajmachi.

On our way back we lost our way a lil bit, but that was not a major problem as we some how had to reach the tracks, which we did ....and in a real trekking way ...lolzzz coz we literally had to help each other climb some part of the route. Amit led us onthis route follwed by me and tarun with denzii, shirish and ali not far,and amit helped us climb that steep slope, ofcourse by takin the support of the trees around. Anyway, soon we were on the right track.

On our route back we were all were dying for a single drop of water as we were short of resources. Naaaaah, not food....I am talking about water, which some of did suggest that we better buy couple of litres more, additionally to the 4 litres total of what me, shirish, denzil and ali carried. But I was sure that would not be enough.Moral of the story ...alwaz take More than necessary water than falling short of it.

Nach Basanti Nach ....hehe..

Anyway, then we somehow reached the Rajmachi main road. But just not far from the road I had a severe sinus pain in my nose and head....gosssssssssssshhh that was killing, but I did not let them know as I did not want to spoil everyone's mood. But then we sat down under the shade of the tree waiting for atul.

The Loooooong Wait For Atul !!!!!

Then me and tarun went to get some water from the nearby huts as the others waited for us and atul. There I realised that humanity is so under rated. I mean poor people are more human than the one's who have enough to give away. There were some well built houses and a small hut in front of them. As we asked for water the lady in the house said that even they did not have enough water to drink so they could not give away any, whereas the woman in the hut rushed inside and without a word gave us two bottles of water. GOD bless her!!!

The Gola Chors...Atul, the Stealer..And The Supporters -- Denzii And Shirish

Anyway when we came back, we all had water and were STILL waiting for atul!!! He had as usual given us the wrong idea as to where he reallly was. Then as we had a little water and a 10-15 minutes break I was feeling a little better. Then we started moving towards the park at Rajmachi. There we found a small snacksbar. We all were damn hungry and so though we all wanted to have some non-veg, we settled down on Misal and Dosas.

The Resting Time Post Lunch In The Park...If Only Atul Stops His Chatter Chatter!!

Anyway after the lunch at around 15.00 hrs , we were all so sleepy, especially because none of us had slept for more than 4 hrs the prior night. I had hardly slept for 1 hour man ...I dont know where do I get all this stamina from !!! I know enough of self-appreciation ;). But then we all were really tired and so we sat down on one of the benches in the park. And as we sat there chit chatting I somehow fell asleep, leaning backwards on the bench, I dont even remember when ..lolzz ...and the sound of clicking of shirish's camera woke me up. So obvious he had taken my picture in the sleeping pose!!!

Finally Atul Is Silent And So I Take A Small Nap On The Historic Bench ....Meine Kiya Usse Historic :d

Then we sat there for some time and then moved around in the garden where these two lover boys denzil and ali bought new Key-chains with their Gals' names inscribed on a single grain of rice, enclosed in a glass tube filled with some solution. That was a cool key-chain but needs High maintainance.

We Missed The Train ....Lucky Indeed!!!

Anyway, we then we started our way back home. We first went to the khandala station, but "LUCKILY" we missed the train to bombay just by 5 minutes (why luckily ...hold on will know in few minutes). The next train was gonna be after 1 n 1/2 hrs and that too at the Lonavla station, which I was fine with. But these people opted for Bus. Somehow I was not convinced even with the Volvo bus ke suddenly someone said we might have to take the ST bus ....gawwwwwwwwd ...could not even imagine!!! General compartment was ok for trying once with friends, but certainly not a ST yaar !!!!!!!

Six Of Us Posing In The Innova.....Just A Miracle ...hmmm

I was somehow getting so nervous all of a sudden. And so lost in thoughts I was walking with all my friends and we reached the main road. We were standing at the diversion thinking of asking someone as to where shall we get the "ST bus" to mumbai and all of a INNOVA slid besides us and stopped in front of our eyes. We all could not belive our luck when he said he can take us all to bombay by only charging us Rs 50 per head. It was one of the situation as if God said "Your wish my command" ...lolzzzz

Me Not In A Good Mood ..Thodhi Der Hi

Somehow after we sat in the car, for sometime initially I had the mood swing phase (the above pic doesnot include me as I was quiet and did not participate in the fun for some time) , but it did not last long, and I was back to my normal self soon(good for me). Tarun and Shirsh, unaware of my mood swings, kept asking me as to what exactly went wrong. But soon they too gave up...hehe. Then we had all the fun listening to the radio, screaming and fultooo masti!!!!!

Denzii Taking A pic From The Last Row in Innova Just To Capture Amit With The Team.

The driver was a cool uncle who did not crib over anything at all. He was even ready to put on the A/c but somehow my sweet little friends did not want it (dont ask me why). Then he dropped us near the Sion station from where shirish took a bus to andheri and rest of us headed towards the station. Then me, ali and atul took the down train towards Kalyan and tarun, denzii, and amit(bawa) took the up train towards Dadar.

And thus we were all on our way back to home sweet home. But my heart knows it and god agrees with me...HAD THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY IN YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wittyness of Shirish, the silliness of Ali (that always got caught by shirish...hehe), the friendliness of Tarun, the silence of Denzii, the simplicity of Amit, the Pakaaoooing of Atul and last but not the least the patience they all had to bare me..hehe, all summed up to the most memorable experience for lifetime!!! HOPE TO HAVE SUCH EXPERIENCES ALL OVER AGAIN ....



Anonymous Shirish said...

Nice to read the Rajmachi story..Sexy trip tha..:-)

6:24 pm  
Blogger Deepu said...

Seriously ... had awesome fun ... it was LEGENDARY ... lolzz ...

7:00 pm  

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