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Friday, November 17, 2006

When The Solution Is Simple...God Is Answering ..hmm

Thinking about my temparament, I was always a self entertaining person. Never did I feel the need of outside world to make me feel good or happy for that reason....then why now!!!! The question seemed weird to me, but then the answer was so simple! I was just wondering about how i am feeling and I was confused when suddenly a mail popped in...which literally seemed like answers to all the confusion i had in my mind!!! Actually more than answers the mail seemed like someone read my feelings and expressed it in words. The first one went like:

"Sometimes you got to smile and walk away hold in your tears and pretend you are ok. It happens, but life goes on. Our reason for living is not in the things we acquire, but in the collection of memories,loves and friendships we gain along the way."

Yeah, tell me that! I have been always known as the smiling face, but ask me how hard it was to have that broad smile on my face while somewhere deep down my heart was weeping trying to find its way through tears. It was neither easy nor was it that pleasant as it seemed to the world. But yeah still LIFE GOES ON....

The second one went like this:-

"Do you ever get that feeling where you don't want to talk to anyone & you don't want to smile & you don't want to fake being happy but at the same time you really don't know what's exactly wrong either?"

Ask my sissie dear, my cousins and some of my good friends. Had a hell lott of those days. Many of them call me moody for that..lolzz. But those are the days that give you time for introspection....and guess what today was one of those blessed days. I was online the whole time, but did not want to speak to any one at all. Sometimes solitude brings out the best in you!!

The third one was the most convincing one for me :

"One mistake can ruin your life, but it depends on how you take it, you can take that mistake and turn it around and learn from it. Have courage"

Yeah sure, don't know if I could turn it around, but I did learn a lot of things and qualities that I need in myself so as to fit in well within the social world. But was it necessary to pay such a High price? And talking about courage, courage is not the absence of is when you and you alone are aware of the fact that you are scared to death. This is fun, people just belive that you had the courage to fight, its just how well you can act and control your facial expressions.

This one just came as an answer to Sheetal's love for me :

"Sometimes people have hurt us. We ask ourselves, "Why me?" I say,"Why not me?" The things we go through in life happen for a reason and help prepare us for the next step in life. Have faith in yourself and anything you want will happen. Always go forward, don't go backward."

Its just not possible to go backward in such cases, because unlike our computer systems, there is no "undo" system in relations and love. You just love them. Its not you who failed in your love, its just that they either don't deserve your love or its just that their need was fulfilled and they had to move its time for us to move on.

The last one was the best. I think this is the solution to all our problems today:

"We could all take a lesson from crayons, some are bright, some are beautiful, some are dull, some are short, some are tall, and some have weird names. But they all have to learn to live in the same box."

I think its high time that we learn to be one of the colours of this beautiful world. The whole world can be explained in this one sentence! A single family, even two real sisters, have different colours, though they grow together. Then why not learn to accept the differences of the people we meet with the same grace as we do with our loved ones!!!

But as rightly said by someone, human speices is the most funny speices. It knows it all but seldom know where to use it..lolzz. Its always easier said than done !!

Who is that someone...I am sure you wont take this one (Another trait commonly found in human behavior..they are curious to know but when you tell them the truth they dont belive you..hehe)



Blogger Prashant Karkera said...

Liked the last one:)

7:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some great thoughts in this one...really liked it ..thnx =)

6:51 pm  

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