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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do We Really Love....

Just yesterday I read one of my friend's article where he mentioned that he would never understand what is love actually is! I had only one thing to say never understand love, you just love...

Loving someone is so simple and such a beautiful feeling. I had once read somewhere the definition of love. It said...
"Love ???? its kindda complicated, but I will tell you this... The second you are willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy, that is Love right there.

Majority of the times Love is mistaken as possessiveness.
Love never demands possession. It can find happiness in itself even though the two hearts stay miles apart. It is so simple to love someone. It is like building a strong based castle for someone you love when at the backside your whole life's construction is shattering into pieces, and at the end of it you are dancing with joy on the debris of your shattered dreams just because you finally finished the dream of your loved one.

Love is when you cannot find a single reason why you should be alive, but still you lead your life with a smile to make the important person in your life , happy. These things are not quotes that you will find in any book, they are the feelings that every person in love will always experience.

Love is Trust, trust in yourself and also in the person you love. When you love someone there is no place for suspicion. A small doubt in love never becomes a HUGE problem because love knows to forgive and forget.Its not how much you gain from the is how far can you go to give happiness to that person.



Blogger Tarun said...

wah wah.. Thank you.. :)

4:18 am  
Blogger Deepu said...

u r welcome

4:23 am  

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