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Friday, October 13, 2006

Matter Of Perspectives

Things were never the same in the last 20 years. For better or worse things and life went on takin topsy turvy curves and I was left helpless. But the spirit did not die. There was always a hope that said You are destined to be where you want, Hold On ....dont let it lose ...times will change.

In the last few years I realised that most of the things are based not on realities, but purely on perspectives. Its not what I was looking at ...Its how I looked at it. And it is a sad truth that many of us fail to realise it. If you just take a flash back on your life you may realise that most of the times that you had fights with your closed ones were so stupid that given a chance you would change the whole situation. But sadly that is another misconception, because changing the situation would not help us either.... Initially I used to fight and fight and then when my sissie used to tell me to be quiet for the moment, I used to insist on "why should I give up when I am right".Yeah I was right!...right from my point of view, the other person had something else to say. His or her experiences were different than mine and so the perspectives were different.

And then gradually I started realising that in all those situations I just needed to change my perspective. And if in case I cannot change the perspective I can atleast accept the other person's perspective gracefully!!!!!

Life is not a blck and white picture. Life is full of colours. If everyone starts liking one colour, Imagine the world would be such a boring place to live cant imagine !!!!!..Oh common ,, look at all those people you see every morning....OOPS they all are in the same coloured dress...and what the hell too are. Now I am sure you dont like the colour any more. he he ...Kidding



Blogger Tarun said...

Wow.. finally you are gonna stop arguing??? cool..

12:37 pm  
Blogger Deepu said...

haan haan jaise mein tere saath argue hi karti thi tarun ..kamine ...aur jiske saath argue karti thi uski koi complain nahi hai ...kaun pooch mat ..

5:56 pm  
Blogger Tarun said...


4:42 am  
Blogger Deepu said...

tujhe kya lagta hai ???????

5:07 pm  

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